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Client Testimonials

As a service-based business we rely on the recommendations and testimonials of our very happy clients!



Our dog, Jessie, came from a shelter. She was very, very shy when we first brought her home, didn't trust people and for the first 2 weeks, she camped out between the couch and the coffee table.  We got Jessie sort of on a whim on Valentine's Day in 2008. 


Lucky for  us, it was a long weekend so we had an extra day to get everything in place for Jessie's new life before heading back to work on Tuesday.  My husband and I both work full time, often long hours, and with some travel.  Lucky for us, one of the first people we called as a potential dog walker for Jessie was Pam. 

Pam came over the second day we had Jessie and it was love at first sight!  Jessie loved Pam, Pam loved Jessie, we loved Pam!   We immediately hired Pam and she's been walking Jessie twice a day and staying with her at our house when we're out of town ever since.  Jessie immediately felt comfortable around Pam, as did we.  Pam knew exactly how to deal with Jessie's shyness and hesitancy to trust people, and to this day, two years later, Jessie is as excited as I've ever seen her when Pam comes through the door.  Knowing that we can trust Pam completely and that she loves our pup as much as we do is truly a gift.  As any dog lover knows, it is very hard to leave in the morning when your dog gives you "the look."  But knowing that Pam will be here twice during the day makes it much easier. 

Pam has also stayed overnight with Jessie every time we've been away since then, whether it's one night or a week.  We were thrilled to learn that Pam would stay overnight with Jessie at our house!! 

Pam is extremely reliable and dependable, and gives us daily notes on all of the highlights of her visits with Jessie.  We can't recommend Pam highly enough -- really, she's the best! 

- La Costa



Pam has been a tremendous help with our dog, Sargent, ever since we got him as a puppy. Pam does midday walks with him on a daily basis, helping us out with Sargie boy for 4 years now. She is so great with him, and he loves going on walks with her. Since he is an indoor dog and my husband and I both work long days, we have been so appreciative of Pam’s help in taking care of Sarge. We have also relied on Pam when we are away on vacation or business travel, and she also stays over at the house some nights while we are away. We are worry free because we know Sargent is in good hands with Pam. If you’re looking for a friendly person to help take care of your pet, Pam is definitely the one!

– San Elijo Hills



From the minute she walked in the door, Daphne instantly took a liking to Pam. My dog doesn’t always like everyone who walks into my home so I was pleased to see how comfortable Daphne was around Pam. She is reliable and trustworthy and Daphne loves her daily walks with Pam. When I travel Pam spends the night in my home and I know Daphne is well cared for.

– Rancho Santa Fe

Buddy & Bochy


I am pleased to recommend Pam Hollingsworth and her pet services with Contented K9.  Pam is extremely professional and shows great attention to detail in caring for my pets.  When choosing a person to care for your best friend, please consider Pam.

- Olivenhain

Liebe & Fletcha


... " It is how the dogs react when they see Pam that says it all for me. They run to her with tails a wagging. Such a caring and conscientious person is a rare find these days. It is no wonder that Pam quickly became a member of our family".      



- Cardiff

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